Entry: Word of the Day Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I love learning new words. In the past, I used to look forward to "increase your word power" exercises in Reader's Digest. I loved the word and vocabulary exercises in the book, "Word Wealth." I used to look for random words I didn't recognize and make them part of my collection of words. You can also look for words to learn while learning Spanish. I recommend a Spanish translation site called Spanishdict.com It has a "word of the day" section. You can even sign up for a word of the day to come to your inbox. There are also other sites you can find if you type in "word of the day" in your browser. A site you can use is wordhippo.com It helps you find translations for words, so you can use the word you like and find other words for them as well. Developing word wealth is like using tools from a toolbox. You can strengthen your communication using words as tools. I like using unusual words in writing so that others can also learn them. I know an author who likes collecting words from random people on twitter and then uses them to write a new story every month. The words he receives point the direction in which the story is going to go. The collaboration brings members of twitter to bring forth a new creation together. I hope you can visit any one of a number of word of the day sites and begin to use the words in your daily life. Not only are you teaching yourself, but others are also going to benefit from your usage of your discovery of the new word. Increase your word power today!


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